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BBC says “man” arrested after counterterror police raid homes in heavily Muslim area, bomb disposal unit called in

Breitbart reported on December 24, 2017 that “areas of Bradford, England, are No Go Zones for certain ethnic groups and the city is “heading toward disaster,” councillors have warned, citing attacks on a synagogue and white businesses in ‘Asian’ areas.”

That makes it highly likely that this man who was arrested was a jihadi, but the BBC report gives no hint of the motivating ideology behind this attack. And covering up jihadi motivations is standard journalistic practice. Can a war be won that way? No.

“Counter-terrorism police arrest man in Bradford,” BBC, January 24, 2020:

A man has been arrested after counter-terrorism officers raided three homes in Bradford.

An Army bomb disposal unit was called in for support after the “discovery of some items” at one of the properties, police said.

A number of neighbouring houses in Sutton Avenue were evacuated as officers carried out a search.

Police said a 38-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of explosives offences….

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